Lily Koh

First Impressions

Lily Koh is a skinny chick from Thailand with fully lips, small tits, and a cute face. She loves to pose in adorable outfits and as she says on her site, the fun part is taking them off. After a visit to the tour I´m convinced that it´s going to be great watching her fool around and I can´t wait to see her small naked tits. There are preview shots of her fully nude and wearing lingerie, bikinis, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and more. There are hints of lesbian porn as well, which is even more exciting.

Hot Promises

Lily Koh is fresh from the farm, literally. She grew up on a farm in Northern Thailand and she is ready to show us her cute little body for our pleasure. She says that inside you´ll see her in different outfits and naked, which isn´t exactly revealing a lot. She promises to play with her hairless Asian pussy, to show us her small tits, and to be cute. She promises to smile a lot and while I don´t know the extent of the lesbian porn inside I know there´s going to be some girl on girl action for us. I did see a preview picture of her in a cheer uniform too so that should be awesome.


Inside the site looks very much like it does on the tour, and although the design is well done it actually looks a little too messy to me. When I browse to the photo page it feels like I´m still on the tour where they´re trying to advertise to me and get me to buy as opposed to the member´s area where it should be all about getting the content in front of my eyes. Sections of the site include pictures, videos, games, extras, her diary, news, and bonus sites.

Lily Koh launched her site in 2006. They talk about weekly updates on the tour but if that was actually happening then the site would be huge. Instead, there are only 28 picture galleries and 25 videos. They also say that there´s one video for each picture set but at this point they don´t match up. My guess is that Lily stopped shooting fresh content a long time ago and they´ve just started recycling it to make the site seem fresh. It´s not really a big deal but it´s a shame that they´re holding back content that was already shot instead of just giving it all to you as soon as you join.

The picture galleries are decent-sized at 1200px and the photography is always good with crystal clear pictures and top notch lighting. Lily must be an excellent model to shoot. It always looks like she´s having a great time when in front of the camera. Her sites consist of posing in cute or sexy outfits and then stripping so you can admire her young body with the small tits and the shaved pussy. Those outfits run the gamut from cute and youthful to sexy and seductive and everything in between. I´ve always been thrilled with girls that are willing to mix it up like that.

Because she lives in Thailand near the beach Lily Koh takes advantage and puts on her bikinis with some frequency. She likes to romp in the sand and soak up the sun. My favorite bikini gallery is actually shot indoors and it shows her in a shiny blue swimsuit eating a milkshake. She ends up spilling plenty of it on her tits before eating some of it and then showing us her pussy, which has a little strip of hair above the entrance in that particular set.

The videos aren´t particularly high quality, probably because they were filmed a handful of years ago before the adult internet converted to high definition. They play at 640x480 and 1200kbps at their highest quality and come in WMV, MOV, and Real Player format. They look good though. The video is generally clear and just like with the pictures it´s done by someone with a skilled hand.

Browsing the site is slow (from page to page there´s usually a couple seconds of waiting time) but downloading the videos is fast for me. I was pleased to see that the movie clips are done separate from the picture galleries and that Lily is focused on entertaining you, not posing for the camera. In some sets she´s flirty and chatty and in others she´s focused on masturbating her pussy. It´s always entertaining though and you get a nice mixture of outfits to entertain.

There are two lesbian videos and they provide excellent entertainment. I was pleased to see that there´s actual girl-girl sex. Lily even gets a rimjob in one of them. She´s on her hands and knees and the girl with her is tonguing her asshole vigorously. She pushes it up in there and really moves it around good. It looks awesome!

The games page has six choices and they´re all really simple stuff you´ve probably played before. There´s poker, breakout, mahjong, Miss Pacman, sextris, and memory. Some of the games feature a naked Lily feature where if you win you get to see her nude body. Those are fun. The extras page features wallpapers of the lovely Lily Koh but the highest resolution they have is 1280x1024. There are seven wallpapers to choose from and one includes her engaging in a lusty tongue kiss with another girl.

If you want to know a little more about Lily Koh then you should first consult the About Me page where you can read her biography. You learn a little about where she came from on that page and then you can switch over to the diary page in the member´s area and read a little about what she does for fun. There aren´t many entries but it´s a little bit of personal information and in a way it´s contact with her. It´s the only kind you´ll get because she doesn´t do webcam shows and she´s not still working on the site so there are no updates to be had. The bonus site features girls having sex with dildos. It´s not a bad site but it´s not Asian and the girls are more pornstar types so it doesn´t have a lot to do with what Lily does.

Croco´s Opinion

Lily Koh is a super cute Thai girl with small tits and a wonderful little body. She makes solo porn for her fans and she does so with toys, fingers, lots of outfits, and more. She has a few sets where she plays with another girl and the lesbian action is pretty hot. There used to be more content here but they took some of it down so they could add it weekly and make it seem like the site was actually growing. That´s a bit dirty of them but there´s enough combined video and picture action to make it worthwhile if you like what you see and you´re keen on seeing more.


The site is well designed but it´s a little too busy for me. I like the member´s area of a site to be cleaner so it´s very easy to get around. All the graphical flares on the tour aren´t necessary because the selling has been done once someone makes a purchase.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days.

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